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Executive MBA Participants

You have just integrated the Executive MBA at ESCP Europe with the objective of accessing higher levels of management and leadership positions, to improve your attractiveness and employability on the job market, or to pursue a new career.

The ESCP Europe Alumni Association has developed a specific career service for Executive MBA participants: the Executive Career Management Program (ECMP). Through this program, you will be able to evaluate your current situation, clarify your values, explore career opportunities, and identify a realistic and feasible career project in line with your ambitions. This is an opportunity to learn how to optimize your career strategy and improve your personal communication techniques (resumé, Linkedin, pitch, networking, etc.).

Two options are available : '' blended coaching '' (4 modules, total of 12 hours) or '' Coaching à-la-carte '' (addressing the topics you wish, at your own pace) in English, French or Italian, face-to-face (based in Paris) or via skype.

This is a free career service, reserved to members of the Association. It is a unique opportunity to anticipate and successfully achieve your career goals.


If you have further questions please de not hesitate to contact the career team.

The Executive Career Management Programme for Exectutive MBA

ECMP : blended coaching programme in English (4modules - 12 hours)

Induction seminar

Feb - May

June - July

Oct - Dec

Jan - May

Closing Seminar

Jun - Dec



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