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  • 06th September 2016

    AVARAP UK career-change programme - London

    Avarap Career-change workshops/Programme: a new way to boost your career! We are happy to announce that we are launching a new Avarap Career-change Programme in September 2016. - Are you ready for new challenging job opportunities?- Do you feel like evolving PLUS...

  • 14th September 2016

    WEBINAR: your happy life! (deutsch)

    Become the best version of yourself, you can be! Life is not fun, its serious. This was one of my major beliefs during my first 10 years in business. Nevertheless, I kept wondering: Why can’t I work on a project while sitting at the beach?Why can’t I be on PLUS...

  • 16th September 2016

    Learning Experience & European Summer Night

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,  am 16. September 2016 laden wir Sie herzlich an die ESCP Europe ein. Treffen Sie uns in sommerlicher und entspannter Atmosphäre am Berliner Campus der weltweit ältesten Business School. BE INSPIRED AND CONNECT Seien Sie als E PLUS...

  • 20th September 2016

    Develop your Emotional Intelligence to boost your career - London Campus - New!

    “IQ gets you hired, EQ gets you promoted”*. Research has shown that while IQ is the best indicator for educational status, Emotional Social Intelligence (ESI) seems to be the best determinant of one’s level of personal achievement and success in most professio PLUS...

  • 21st September 2016


    ICELAND experience

    Over the course of thousands of years the water has been at work in the impressive mountain range of Kerlingarfjöll, situated in the middle of Iceland’s wilderness. It has formed beautiful yet intimidating canyons. We will discover this unique landscape on hor PLUS...

  • 23rd September 2016

    EMBA Group

    Join your MBA classmates and celebrate in style at this Roaring Twenties Party! We invite you to seize this cheerful occasion to reconnect with the Executive MBA community and to enjoy a gourmet buffet dinner, jazz and Charleston music ... not to mention th PLUS...

  • 05th October 2016

    Winning strategies for salary negotiations - Paris - New conference in English!

    Learn how to negociate your salary in different situations: getting a new job, or when asking for salary increase. The tips and tools learned in this conference can be applied to any negotiation situation throughout your professional and personal life! This c PLUS...

  • 05th October 2016

    WEBINAR: officeless office (deutsch)

    Was passiert eigentlich, wenn Du kaum im Büro bist, weil Du viel zu Kunden reist oder Du Dich besser konzentrieren kannst, wenn Du nicht im Büro bist oder Du sehr viel Zeit sparen kannst, wenn Du Dich nicht jeden Tag in den Stau stellst oder Du Kinder hast, di PLUS...

  • 12th October 2016

    WEBINAR: officeless office (English)

    Whatever your reasons are. Many of the new technologies that brought us into the office in the first place may help us to get out of the offices again. We just need to learn to use them in a proper way. There may be hundreds of different ways to the officeles PLUS...

  • 16th October 2016


    SAHARA experience IV.

    Do you know who you are? Do you know who you want to be? Most of life’s big changes happen when we experience something special. I believe that this happens because we arrange ourselves with daily life. Not because everyday life is always unspectacular but be PLUS...

  • 19th October 2016

    Trucs et astuces pour organiser concrètement votre recherche d'emploi - New ! - Format webinar

    Assistez de chez vous à ce webinar ! Comment structurer les différentes étapes et quels outils utiliserCette conférence est pour vous si vous souhaitez :- Structurer efficacement votre recherche d’emploi et organiser vos actions- Arbitrer entre les différents PLUS...

  • 16th November 2016

    Increase spectacularly your chances to attain your objectives - Career webinar!

    This webinar will provide unique tools to help you: - Reach your personal or professional objectives rapidly - with no stress - Open doors to new options, opportunities, while increasing your confidence tenfold - Install a powerful psychological firewall to st PLUS...

  • 19th November 2016

    PROMO 2006 GROUP

    Dear Class Mate, It’s been 10 years, yes 10 years already! How time flies... Ten years ago, we were taking our final ESCP Europe exams before parting and entering the job market. So let’s celebrate this unique 10-year anniversary in Paris together as it shou PLUS...

  • 25th November 2016

    Comment les recruteurs vous identifient sur les réseaux sociaux

    Assistez de chez vous à ce webinar ! Comprendre ce que sont les réseaux sociaux, comment ils fonctionnent et comment les utiliser pour votre carrière. Ce webinar tout public est pour vous si vous voulez utiliser Internet et les Réseaux sociaux pour booster v PLUS...

  • 08th December 2016

    Keys and best practices to write an outstanding impactful resume - Webinar

    Attend to this webinar from home or office ! A 2 hour webinar to lift and optimise your CVPre requisit : A minimum of 5 years experience - You just have to send your CV 3 days before the webinar i.e. June 16th: careers@escpeuropealumni.orgAgenda : 1/ review o PLUS...

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