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ESCP Europe Directory

We offer two options, on how you can be included in the ESCP Europe Alumni directory: the All Inclusive Pack and the Mini Pack.  Both allow you to:

be listed as a partner of the association in the paper version of the ESCP Europe Alumni directory
be given priority for posting job offers (and VIE offers for France) on our website

 The All Inclusive Pack: 505 € (no VAT) offers:
- Access to our paper and online directories (online version updated daily), with your own login and password
- Access to the job offers we receive from companies, headhunters or our own alumni
- ESCP Europe Magazine, focusing on the professional achievements of our alumni; six issues per year

 The Mini Pack: 400 € (no VAT) offers access to our paper and online directories, updated daily, with your own access code and password

 What are the advantages of our partnerships?
- Your company will be listed as a partner in the ESCP Europe paper directory every year
- Your job offers will be published as a matter of priority on our website

 How to purchase one of our packs:
- Please contact Christine Villard, Career Management +33 (0)1 43 57 54 57 or