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Mentor a student

Every year, ESCP Europe Alumni offers each of the 600 Master in Management / Grande Ecole students a mentor from a pool of volunteer alumni.  The role of the mentor is to "coach" the student throughout his/her time at the business school (3-5 years).

It is important to welcome each new student individually into the alumni network upon entering the school, no matter which campus they begin their course at. 
Being a student mentor consists of :
- Offering some of your time, advice, answers, contacts and support
- Offering your opinions, your culture, vision, some short, your experience!
- Contributing to the strengthening of links between alumni and students in ESCP Europe network
- Helping a young man or woman build his/her professional or life plan
Mentoring foreign students
You can also ask to coach a non-French student: we kindly request you to specify it in the questionnaire sent every year in July
In exchange we committed to:
- Managing the arrangement of mentors/students, helping students with various and specific interests: function, industry sector, fields of interests
- Ensuring that a student who chooses you as a mentor gets in touch with you
- Organizing a meeting between mentors and students to give them an opportunity to talk to each other during a "Meet & Greet Cocktail" night which takes place in October. For the occasion, former mentors and alumni will share their mentoring experience...with memories and anecdotes!
Your information will be consulted at the start of the academic year (in Paris and London) and your information will allow students to make their selection. If you were not selected at the start of the year do not worry, students can get in touch with you until the end of their studies!

Contact the Network Department -  Phone : +33 (0)1 43 57 54 53