In 2019, ESCP Europe celebrates its bicentenary!
The school celebrates 200 years of "designing tommorow" by organizing many festivities! Learn more about the program here
08 January 2019

A pioneer for 200 years, ESCP Europe can be proud of a large number of innovations successfully adopted across the world.

Its creation in 1819 made it the first business school in the world still in operation. Today it is the only pan-European school, with six campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw and a campus associated with in Luxembourg.

 2019  is an opportunity to remember that its innovative spirit is part of its genes and to celebrate its 200 years of existence through many festivities (Festivals, galas, conferences, webseries ...)


 Find the complete promgram
on the ESCP Europe website!



 8 March 2019  London Campus Gala

 7 June 2019  Madrid Campus Gala

 21 June 2019  Turin Campus Gala

 20 September 2019  Berlin Campus Gala

 Fall 2019  Official Bicentenary Party
and Foundation's Charity Gala (Paris Campus)


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