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Career Committee

The Career Committee gathers Alumni from different courses, professional and personnal backgrounds.

  • pool their experiences and reflect on issues related to employment and career management, implement actions to provide practical solutions to these issues.

The Committee has several projects Career around:

  • Creation of an offer giving greater visibility on LinkedIn,
  • Improvement of the marketing of our offer in order to better communicate on our services to the whole community,
  • Strengthening of our offer's international dimension,
  • Scaling of the new offer "Accelerate your career development with the mentoring programme" in order to increase the number of benefactors,
  • Contribution to the Student Alumni Pass to increase their loyalty towards the association since the start of their career,
  •  Organization of prestigious conferences on career development and career management topics.

From left to right: Catherine Minguy Valerie Manelfe, Laurence Rosenzweig, Iva Fiori, Thierry Houdaille, Nicolas Pavesi
Eva Mollat of Jourdin Valerie Lasserre, Stephanie Vasen, Christine Villard,
Florence Launet, Mireille Garolla Agnes Vilboux Flouquet, Geoffroy Desvignes, Timothy Ferras.

Members of the Career Committee 2015:

  • Chairwoman, Valérie LASSERRE (95)
  • Dounia AMMOR (97)
  • Bérangère AUDEBERT (92)
  • Monique CUMIN (88)
  • Mireille GAROLLA (87)
  • Virginie GORE-COTY (MGE2013)
  • Patrick GUEDEL (86)
  • Catherine LETALENET (83)
  • Valerie MANELFE (94)
  • Avelina MARTIN-Calvo (Senior Executive 08),
  • Laurence MENARD-ZANTMAN (87),
  • Nicolas PAVESI (87),
  • Laurence ROSENZWEIG (90)
  • Sabine ZANELLA (93)

and the Career Team and Executive Director of ESCP Europe Alumni.



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