• Jean Stéphane Arcis (87), Alumnus of the Month !

    Their last professional achievement got them noticed; their extraordinary career makes them stand out; they are currently making the headlines; or they are full of talent, achievement and potential. This month, we spolight Jean Stéphane Arcis (87), founder of Talentsoft !

  • Proud to be ESCP Europe for 200 years!

    Together, we are strong and united community that gives a new impetus to our brand an value to our degrees. The more we connect to each other, the more our community will shine. In 2019, support the ESCP Europe Alumni association!

  • In 2019, ESCP Europe celebrates its bicentenary!

    The school celebrates 200 years of "designing tommorow" by organizing many festivities! Learn more about the program here

  • The Mentorship programme is now open !

    If you're a member of the association, log in now to your personal space and look for your mentor through our specially desogned search engine !


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