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  • ESCP Europe Stories

    Six generations of students from school tell us about their time at ESCP Europe, when they were students. Fun, moving memories that fit into the history of school as well as in contemporary history and pop culture. (Article in French)

  • Julien Azencott (06), Alumnus of the Month!

    This month, we spotlight the founder of independent and made in France skincare brand "Codage"!

  • Next stop: Consulting Boot Camp is coming on Oct. 19th

    If you are a student interested in working the Consulting sector, this event is made for you ! Come meet alumni, learn about tips and keys to the sector and train in genuine conditions !

  • Events organised by the Professional Development team

  • Stylish since 1819!

    To celebrate the bicentennial of the school, get the limited collection of scarf and ties ESCP Europe signed Cinabre!

  • Become a student mentor !

    Your career and experience are real assets for students now. What if you made them benefit from it ?


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